03.01 Life Cycle

Many of the electron microscope (EM) studies of the amphioxus nervous system are of larvae that are only 12.5 days old, long before they have matured into their full complexity.   In contrast, most of the endocrine studies seem to be of adults.  This page is an attempt to provide a life-cycle context to these various studies. 

Note:  all the following references were found by searching the first four pages of Google for "amphioxus metamorphosis". 

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Metamorphosis first occurred on 60 days post fertilization (dpf) and was ... Biology of the amphioxus, Branchiostoma belcheri, in the Ariake Sea, ...

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Embryos and larvae can be raised in the laboratory through metamorphosis in about a month (Stokes and Holland, 1995). Amphioxus developmental genes have ...

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(get this for age at metamorphosis) 

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Jun 21, 2008 ... At metamorphosis, an amphioxus larva has 9–11 gill slits, which are approximately in register with the somites. ...

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amphioxus metamorphosis. Observations from this time onwards showed that the β-
gal pattern remained in the gut and expanded into the developing hepatic ...

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