Amphioxus Gut Nerves

Although I don't have an online reference for this, I do have a hard copy from some time back which claims the the amphioxus enteric nerve plexus is sensory rather than motor.  I'll post this shortly. 

Sensory Systems in Amphioxus: A Window on the Ancestral Chordate ...

by TC Lacalli - 2004 - Cited by 45 - Related articles - All 4 versions
Jun 9, 2004 ... Besides the oral plexus, plexus-like organization occurs widely in the peripheral tissues of amphioxus, especially in the gut and atrium ... -

Need hard copy.  Not in online abstract. 

Lacalli: 1999
The oral nerve plexus in amphioxus larvae: function, cell types and phylogenetic significance
Link to abstract only, but I have the PDF & hard copy.