Amphioxus Life Cycle

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Many of the electron microscope (EM) studies of the amphioxus nervous system are of larvae that are only 12.5 days old, long before they have matured into their full complexity.   In contrast, most of the endocrine studies seem to be of adults.  This page is an attempt to provide a life-cycle context to these various studies. 

Larval Development of the Oriental Lancelet (Goog) 
"Based on living individuals in this mass culture, morphological characteristics from the seven-day larval to benthic juvenile stages have been studied. ... Metamorphosis first occurred on 60 days post fertilization (dpf) and was continuously observed throughout the present study up to 100 dpf."

Developmental Gene Expression in Amphioxus (Goog) 
"Embryos and larvae can be raised in the laboratory through metamorphosis in about a month"

Is There a Role for New Invertebrate Models for Aging Research? (Goog-PubMed) 
"... laboratory cultures of amphioxus of the genus Branchistoma, a 5-cm Protochordate, have recently been established (20,21) and the genome of one species (Branchistoma floridae) has been completely sequenced (20). The major drawbacks of amphioxus are that information about its longevity is rudimentary and careful demographic studies would need to be performed before its utility could become firmly established.



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