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I'm still learning how to do this. 

There isn't any Google Children - 21.  There isn't even anything in the folder newer than 1/1/2014.  I have no idea what became of the backups.  Perhaps I just backed up in the website but didn't back up the folder.  So this time I'm backing up everything after 1/1/2014. 

    - a few minutes later - I figured it out.  Google Children - 21 is on the other, newer, hard drive. 

So now I have to start all over again using that newer drive. 


As below.  Backed up to Google Children - 21.  No new CDs.   


The backup method described on 06-06-14 works very well, but I have to remember to find "view page listing" at the top of the "Revision History" page. 


I seem to have found a better way of backing up.  Using "view page listing" under "Revision History" works very well.  I just scroll through the list and save those which have been revised since the last backup.   


It's time to back up the sites, but I'm once again having problems. 
    1.  When I back up a new file which has never before been backed up and then open the copy on the hard drive, there are lot of "A"s with a "^" over the top.  However, when I click its link on the home page, it opens up fine.  I remember seeing these circumflexed A's in the past, but I don't remember what I did about them.     
    2.  The "Save As" command gives the file a Firefox name (spaces without hyphens) instead of a Google name (hyphens - no empty spaces). 
    3.  This Backup Log isn't listed in Google Children - 19, but is listed in Fatherless Boys - 09, Subcortical Brain - 04 and Tiger Salamander - 04.  However, the Backup Log in Fatherless Boys - 09, which is dated 10-06-13, and the backups for Subcortical Brain - 04 and Tiger Salamander - 04, which are dated 08-04-13,  do not have all the discussion in 10-15-13, below.  They look much more like 08-19-13, below.      
    4.  Filing this Backup Log using the Save As command, without adding a hyphen but after removing the (Children of the Amphioxus) part of the name, results in the same circumflexed A's.  However, I noticed that, while there was a Firefox HTML document for the Backup Log, there was not the usual File Folder. 
    5.  So.  #4, above, provided the clue.  Up until now, I've been accepting the default "Save as type" of "All files" when using the Save As command.  When I changed that to "Web page, complete" in addition to removing the (Children of the Amphioxus) part of the name and adding the hyphen, then I got a clean, but inactive copy of the page when I clicked on its name in Google Children - 19.  The copy became active when I clicked on its link on the home page. 
    6.  I need to confess, however, that when I clicked on the home page link of a different page that had the circumflexed A's, the home page link brought me to a clean and active page.  Never-the-less, I'm going to go ahead and: 
        a.  use "Web page, complete" 
        b.  add any missing hypens
        c.  remove the (web page) specification from the name.       
    7.  To summarize, I scroll down the "view page listing" in "Revision History" and save everything that has a date after the last time I did a backup. 
    8.  There were more than a page of files which had been modified, so I made a new folder: Google Children - 20 and copied it to a disk. 


Backed up the new changes via the "view page listing" function found under "Revision History".  I tried "Recent Site Activity" as before , but it was slower and required more memory on my part.  Next day I copied it to disk as "Google Children - 19".  I also tried to save it via Norton, but that seems to be happening automatically.   


Backed up the new changes via "Recent Site Activity"  found under "Revision History". 


Backed up the new changes via "Recent Site Activity"  found under "Revision History". 


Backed up the new changes via "Recent Site Activity"  found under "Revision History". 


CotA backed up. 


I've completed backing up all four sites.  Not only have I backed them up to discs, for the first time I figured out how to use Norton's backup function. 


As noted on
02-06-13, below, I switched my focus from  Boys without Fathers (BwoF) to, first, Brain of the Tiger Salamander , and now  Subcortical Brain ,  and on 02-08-13 I saved everything in BwoF which needed it.  I've done very little work in BwoF since then, so there's no need to back up the whole site.  Instead, I used the "Site Activity" function to identify the pages that have been modified since 02-08-13, and I backed just those up. 


Actually, there're two different tasks: 1. replacing the Firefox names with Google names, and 2. resaving the pages that have been modified since the last time they were saved.  I've now completed both tasks for  Children of the Amphioxus .   


Re: the correction to the 06-04-13 blog in yesterday's blog.   
It does appear that, every time I saved a page using the Firefox naming protocol, I overwrote a Google name
    So I went back through both
Brain of the Tiger Salamander and  Subcortical Brain and  replaced all the Firefox names with Google names.  Next, I'll do the same with Children of the Amphioxus  while saving the pages which have been modified since the last time they were saved.  


I think that in the future I may try to backup every day or so, but in case I ever have to do this again, I'd like to record at least some of the major steps so I won't have to rediscover them all over again the next time. 

I don't understand the underlying mechanics, but it seems like in order to copy the webpages to a disc they have to be in a folder on my desktop.  The pages are placed into a desktop folder through the "Save as" command.  The folders have a "Date modified" column which indicates the last date the page was saved into the folder, NOT the last date the page was modified.  In order to determine if the file in the folder is up to date, I must compare the "Date modified" with the final date in the file's "Revision History".  If it's up to date, then there's no need to recopy it. 

This is a correction to the 06-04-13 blog, below.  It's Google, not Firefox, that names the pages with a name-name-name protocol.  Does this mean that every time I've saved a page using the Firefox naming protocol that I've overwritten a Google name?    I'm going to need to think about this some more. 


I found a way to speed up the process a little.  From the "pages" section of "Manage Site", display the file in a new window by right-clicking its link to check its date.  This prevents the "pages" section from closing so it isn't necessary to reopen it.  A small gain. 


I've finished backing up all the pages in  Subcortical Brain .  Since many of them had not previously been saved, saving them all before the backup may have been worth while.  However, it took a lot of time and effort even though there are only about 60 of them.  There are about 240 pages to  Children of the Amphioxus and many of them have not changed since the last time they were saved.  So I'd like to find a way to save only those that have changed while including them all in the backup.   


I'm going to backup  Subcortical Brain next.  In the past, I've only backed up the pages which had been changed since the previous backup, but that adds an extra level of complexity.  This time I'll backup all the pages, whether they've been modified or not.  If a page already has an old-style name, I'll continue to use it, but if the page has not been previously backed up, I'll allow Firefox to give it a new-style name.  However, the new names assigned by Firefox include the site name as an extension, and I'll drop this.  For example, Firefox tries to file the "brachium of superior colliculus" page under the name "Brachium of Superior Colliculus - Subcortical Brain", but I've truncated that to "Brachium of Superior Colliculus".     


Another problem.  A couple of weeks ago, Firefox issued Version 21.0 which included several changes.  One change is that the "Save page as" command now uses a new protocol for naming new files.  The old protocol generated names that were the important words in the title, all separated by hyphens.  The new protocol replaces the hyphens with spaces.  The unforeseen consequence of this change is that links to pages named according to the old protocol won't find the updated page if it is named according to the new protocol. 

Therefore, I must be careful when saving an update to an existing page that I save it under the old protocol name if it has one.  I also need to go back and rename any newly updated pages which to which Firefox assigned a new protocol name even though it already had an old protocol name.   

I had to repeat the backup  Brain of the Tiger Salamander  to overwrite the new page names that Firefox had given to pages with pre-existing old style names.   


I back these sites up so infrequently that I have to relearn the process each time.  The clearly defined blocks of successful and unsuccessful backups suggest that about half the time I get the process wrong.  Without trying to find the fault in the wrong process, I searched for the right process by trial and error. 

I succeeded in backing up 
Brain of the Tiger Salamander OK, but the site has only a moderate number of pages, and I backed them all up. 


I'm way behind backing up these sites, and I'd be very unhappy if I lost them.  So I'm going to spend the next few days backing them up.  Up until now, I've used Firefox's "Save this page as" function, but some of the resulting files, although active, contain extraneous characters.  So I tried backing up the HTML code, but that proved to be quite difficult.  I need to figure out why some, but not all, of the backups contain extraneous characters. 

The problems seem to be specific to the dates on which the backups were made. 
    BwoF-08:  10/16/2012: bad,  7/27-29/2012: good, 2/14-16/2012: bad,
                      10/18/2011: good,  8/4/2011: good,  4/5/2011: good,

    CotA-17:  10/16/2012: bad,    7/23-27/2012: good,   2/16-17/2012: good,
                      10/18/2011: good, 
8/4/2011: good,  6/1/2011: good,
4/5/2011: good,  2/11/2011: good,  1/2/2011: good,
                      11/28-29/2010: good 
    SubC-02:  7/29/2012: good,  2/16/2012: good   
     BTS-01:  6/5/2012: good. *Note* something's wrong with BTS-02.  The folder and document dates don't match. 

The only date that was not consistently good or bad was: 
    BwoF-08:  2/14-16/2012: bad   
    CotA-17:    2/16-17/2012: good 

I'll come back to Teleost Muscles  when I'm done with this.