08 - Midbrain

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K&W provides a good picture and a brief discussion
 of the midbrain (mesencephalon) on [K&W:53-54]. 

The superior colliculus of the midbrain is considered
to be the site of the highest level of sensory-motor
integration in the precortical brain, and its internal
structure is more complex than any other part of the
precortical brain.  It receives direct input from the
eyes and indirect input from all other sense
modalities via secondary neurons from all sensory
nuclei.  Its primary output is to the mesencephalic
locomotor region (MLR). 

The MLR is embedded in, and part of, the middle and
upper portions of the reticular formation.  It
supplements the spinal locomotor generator (SLG) by
controlling the movement of the four limbs in the
context of side-to-side body motion which is still
controlled by the SLG. 

Searching Pub Med <http://www.pubmed.gov> for
"mesencephalic locomotor" brought up 201 references.
I've included four below, just in case you're curious.
None is definitive, so this appears to be an area of
ongoing research.  The first link leads, not only to
an abstract, but also to the full article. 

Differential contribution of reticulospinal cells to
the control of locomotion induced by the mesencephalic
locomotor region.
J Neurophysiol. 2003 Sep;90(3):1714-27. Epub 2003 May


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The other three links lead to abstracts. 

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