Human Dominance Hierarchies

Cross reference:  Dominance Hierarchies in General 

Although a Google search for "Human Dominance Hierarchies" yielded 283,000 hits searching on all three words and 962 hits using advanced search on the three words as a phrase, I didn't find anything useful in the first 5 pages of hits which were offered as the "most relevant" from the advanced search. 

This is in stark contrast to the large number of studies of dominance hierarchies in non-humans.  What came closest was the Wiki page on Social Hierarchies, see below, or "Social stratification", as Wikipedia calls it.  Unfortunately, none of these were focused on the endocrine system. 

Dominance hierarchy (Wiki) 
"A dominance hierarchy (in humans: social hierarchy) is the organization of individuals in a group that occurs when competition for resources leads to aggression.

Social stratification (Wiki)