Primate Cortisol & Testosterone

Stress-induced suppression of testicular function in the wild baboon:
role of glucocorticoids.
Only abstract available online.   I couldn't get the PDF through the library. 
from the abstract 
    "In an ongoing study of endocrine function in wild olive baboons living freely in Kenya, sustained social stress was associated with suppressed testosterone (T) concentrations in males. In the present report, the acute stressor of rapid capture and immobilization caused profound and rapid suppression of T concentrations in these individuals. Elevation of cortisol concentrations preceded, and was at least partially responsible for, the declining T concentrations"
     "These studies demonstrate acute stress-induced suppression of gonadal function in a population of primates living in their natural habitat. Furthermore, they implicate glucocorticoid actions mostly at the testes as possible underlying endocrine mechanisms for such regulation."