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Classics in the History of Psychology (OD)   
ore that 200 titles.  If you find an author in  Online Psychology Compilations  that interests you, you might be able to find a whole book by them here. 
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This is major.  Be sure you check it out. 

Psychology: an Introduction (PsyW)
Introduction to Psychology Textbook by Dr. Russ Dewey Free ...

Endocrinology - NCBI Bookshelf (Wiki) 
This is a full length textbook available online in easily accessible format for free.  It's a huge resource. 
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MIT Book List

Here are two books which I thought were at least somewhat helpful but which were assigned for MIT courses which did not have any useful slides, PDFs, audio files or links and which I, therefore, eliminated. 

, Gray MIT 9.00P (2001)
  A well written overview of the whole field
of psychology

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Pirsig: MIT 9.68 

I'm disappointed.  MIT seems to be trying to be hip without really giving the emotions any genuine consideration.  It's like their failure to have a course on the endocrine system while having more than a dozen on cognition.  They're all head and no heart. 

However, this book surprised me.  It's extremely well written, and I read pretty much the whole thing, which is unusual for me.  Unfortunately, it's not psychology.  It's philosophy.  It won't help you understand the emotions, but if you want a quick overview of classic Greek philosophy, give it a look.